You may think that you never need to clean your golf clubs, but that is not the case. Golf clubs get dirty and cause rusting if they are not cleaned regularly. In this blog post, we will discuss how you should go about cleaning them on a regular basis and what tools you will need to do so.

You spend a lot on your golf equipment and invest a lot of time in your golf game. Looking after your clubs helps both in the long run.

You may remember the day you stood up on the first tee at your local golf course with a new set of clubs. Everything was sparkling, new and the grips felt fresh. Proper cleaning of your clubs during and after each round will help preserve that feeling.

What you will need to clean your golf clubs:

  • Bucket, basin, or kitchen sink
  • Warm water
  • Washing up liquid or dishwashing detergent
  • An old toothbrush or a soft-bristled brush
  • A towel
  • Optional (Chrome or steel polish)
  • A few dry cloths

We will go through cleaning each part of the club in the next section

Cleaning the Grip

The grip on your golf club is the main point of contact between you and the club. Having the grip free of grease or sweat will help maintain that all-important contact for every shot.

A bucket of warm water with a generous squirt of dishwashing liquid and a cloth or two is all you really need to keep your golf club grips clean and grease-free.

How to Clean Golf Clubs

Step 1: You need to remove any dirt or sand from the grip using a damp cloth and then use an alcohol swab on it.

You may have heard that lemon juice works well for removing gunk too; just rub some on with a paper towel, wait five minutes then wipe off with another wet paper towel.

Just make sure you don’t get any citrus juices in contact with metal parts!

Step 2: Soak up any excess moisture by wrapping a dry rag loosely over the grips before letting them air-dry overnight.

Don’t forget this step in the cleaning process – they need to be dried fully before they go back into your bag.

Do this every time after playing and your grips will stay supple and last longer.

Cleaning the club heads:

Use a Golf club brush or an old toothbrush to scrub off anything that has accumulated on the surface or in the grooves such as dirt, grit, and mud. having a clean club head improves contact with the ball, spin, and direction while allowing for better control.

how to clean golf irons

Use a brush

A golf club brush is the most important tool you will need to use when cleaning your clubs. You can get a quality brush for as little as xx from the pro shop, which is worth every penny in terms of preserving your investment and ensuring your clubs stay in tip-top condition.

The grooves of your club face should always be clean and clear. Using a clubface brush after every shot, before the club goes back into your bag will help maintain performance during your round of golf.

Don’t forget your metal woods and driver in this process. They are used for longer more difficult shots so have to be perfectly clean and debris free

Proper cleaning of these grooves will leave everything ready for your next round.

Let everything dry

After cleaning make sure to use a towel to dry everything off and leave to air dry.

Some people wipe the clubhead with WD40, it can help remove any water stains and protect your clubs for longer periods of time.

Don’t forget to clean your putter as well. It’s hard enough to get to the green in the first place so make sure your putter face is clean before you strike the golf ball.

Cleaning the club shaft

The importance of maintaining good care of the shafts of your clubs cannot be overstated. Cleaning will help lengthen their life expectancy as well as improve performance.

Here are some steps you should take when cleaning your golf club’s shaft:

If there is mud on the shaft that cannot be removed by wiping it with a dry towel, try scrubbing at it with a damp cloth or an old toothbrush until all traces have disappeared.

how to clean shafts of golf clubs

Make sure to clean carefully from the grips right down to the ferrules at the club heads.

Today’s clubs carry a range of shafts. Steel/chrome shafts are fairly easy to maintain and usually, a wipe of a damp cloth will do the trick. Graphite shafts can be treated in the same way but over time may go dull so look after them.

Remember these tips: – Wipe down all of your grips with a moistened cloth every time you play because sweat and grease can wear down contact points over time

Golf Club Care

Follow this advice and these steps to make sure your clubs – from the golf grips right to the clubhead stay in perfect condition – ready for that next round. Oh, and don’t forget to clean your golf balls as well.

If you would like more information about golf club care, or how to care for the rest of your equipment then check out some of our other blogs or call into the shop to pick up everything you need to keep your clubs in perfect condition.

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